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How to use and maintain the automatic winding machine correctly
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To ensure the normal operation of an automatic winding machine, routine inspection and correct operation are indispensable important steps:

First of all, the equipment manual should be established for daily recording and reading the operation of automatic winding machine and the existing problems. At the beginning of the work, the working table, line guide and the main sliding surface should be carefully checked. If there are any obstacles, tools, impurities, etc., must be clean, wipe clean, oiling, take a closer look at mobile mechanism for new, grind, bruising, if there are any equipment member shall be notified to see if analysis belongs to the fault caused by together, and make records, check the safety protection such as equipment, power supply, limit should be complete in good condition, check electrical distribution box should be shut down, good electrical grounding, check equipment accessories are in good condition. Wire passing wheel, felt clip, wire feeder and ceramic parts should be complete and intact, correctly installed, idling operation test to observe whether the operation is smooth, whether there is abnormal noise and so on.

Although the above work is tedious, it can effectively judge whether the equipment is in good condition and prevent the occurrence of failure. After checking, if there is no abnormality, then the automatic winding machine can be normally started for winding operation. In the operation process, as an operator, it also needs to strictly follow the rules of use. Many casual operations will damage the equipment to varying degrees. In the use process, it should be carefully operated and do nothing unrelated to the work. When leaving the equipment due to business, stop and turn off the power and gas sources, and winding should be carried out according to the technological regulations. No arbitrary increase in wire diameter, number of cycles and winding speed is allowed.

No super standard, overload, super weight using coil winding machine, winding spool, mold clamping should be correct, not allowed to use longer handle way to increase the torque fastening mould etc, variable speed spindle and the ribbon cable machinery, mold clamping, adjustment should be performed after parking, the protective device is after the abnormal situation in order to ensure that equipment safety of operators and not allowed to remove the safety protection device on the equipment without authorization, automatic winding machine, especially the ribbon cable wire rod and winding diameter are not allowed to be placed directly inside the tool, workpiece, and other sundry, the workings of the pay close attention to, In case of abnormal phenomena such as movement failure, vibration, fever, crawling, noise, peculiar smell and collision, stop the machine immediately for inspection. Only after troubleshooting can the machine continue to work. Should correct downtime and clean after finish the homework, first put electrical, pneumatic and other operating switch in non-work position, completely stop equipment operation, cut off power supply, air supply, remove legacy in the automatic winding machine in the process of winding of sundry etc, serious will row line displacement mechanism, put the spool work place such as oil, fill in the equipment manual record is perfect.


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