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Gluing chine
8/12 Axis Automatic Winding Taping Machine 设备特点
●The machine structure design is simple, reasonable and important Standard accessories adopt the whole import line of international brand,   to ensure that the equipment running fast, high precision, good stability, rigidity, and greatly extend the service life of the equipment
● The machine is equipped with touch screen, full Chinese / Chinese and English control system, simple operation, easy to learn and easy to   understand, easy maintenance, save the user more time, greatly improve the production efficiency
● This kind of plastic package in the traditional pressure roller belt on the basis of improved, making the tape more solid, compact, fast and   stable, while changing the tape to become more convenient
● Quick replacement fixture chuck design, effectively saving the product change time
● a variety of functions available to users free choice
● Guide rod 0 ° / 90 ° / 135 ° optional installation, easy to different multi-angle skeleton winding
● With automatic cable, trunk, remove the waste line function
● increase the servo finger and wire feeder device can achieve a small product precision winding

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