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The difference between automatic winding machine and semi-automatic winding machine
浏览次数:619次 发布日期:2019-01-22
   Whether it is automatic winding machine or semi-automatic winding machine, it is a kind of equipment that coils raw materials and articles to the corresponding parts. Its purpose replaces manual winding, greatly improving labor productivity. It is a combination of large components, such as pneumatic components, transmission, control systems, etc., to complete a variety of complex motion requirements of the automatic cable, kink, break, twisting.

   Generally speaking, the price of semi-automatic winding machine is relatively cheap, and some processing steps cannot be completely replaced by machinery, and manual correction and compensation operation are required. In addition, in order to produce high-quality products, employees need strict training. Automatic winding machine is relatively expensive, and automatic production process has low requirements for employees. It can be produced without training, which saves labor and increases productivity.

   Automatic winding machine is one of the most winding machines in batch production and processing of enameled wire coil. It has a series of functions, such as automatic cable, automatic counting, high efficiency, easy to use, in our common transformer coil, ballast coil, in the production and processing of electromagnetic coil can be seen winding machine. The following is the structure and winding principle of the automatic winding machine to illustrate the characteristics of the machine.

   The basic structure of automatic winding machine is mainly composed of spindle system, cable system, numerical control system, mechanical structure, and other accessories. In general, the main shaft system of automatic winding machine is driven by ac inverter motor. The system consists of stepping motor, displacement screw and moving light rod. CNC control system is the control core of automatic winding machine, it will control the spindle rotation signal and cable alignment mechanism displacement signal, and has speed control, counting function, winding process Settings, data storage and other functions; The mechanical structure mainly includes the equipment shaft part, the base, the fixed support, which is the main body of the winding machine; Accessories include more ceramic wire parts, fixtures, standard connectors, etc. Some special winders are also equipped with components that perform specific functions.

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